El actor turco Kerem Bursin defiende a su ex Hande Ercel en las redes sociales

Hande Erçel es una de las actrices más populares de Turquía con una gran legión de admiradores.

Pero tener tantos seguidores, lamentablemente, también tiene sus contratiempos, principalmente debido a los trolls en línea.

Sin embargo, el exnovio de la actriz, Kerem Bursin, ha salido en defensa de su exnovia, condenando a los que odian en línea por atacar a la actriz, sin ningún sentido y todo en vano.

Responding to a fan on Twitter at the beginning of July who asked about “daily hatred” directed towards women, the former Sen Cal Kapimi star explained hateful comments directed towards women, including his ex-girlfriend, is behaviour he would “never support”.

“I think anyone, whether it be a supporter or not writing hateful comments towards women including Hande as well, is behavior I do not and never will support,” he said. “When I catch this type of crap, I write a message asking and telling them to please stop. We don’t need hate in this world.”

The breakup happaned:
Erçel and Bürsin called it quits at the beginning of 2022.

The couple met on the set of Sen Cal Kapimi (You Knock On My Door) in 2020 and rumours of their off-screen relationship quickly became the talk of the town.

The pair went on to confirm their romance in April 2021 whilst they were on holiday in the Maldives. However, the pair quietly went their separate ways at the beginning of this year.

While no official announcement about their split was released, Erçel removed all traces of her ex from her Instagram page and she also unfollowed Bürsin on the social media platform.

However, it’s clear that despite their relationship not lasting, they don’t have a bad word to say about one another, and they truly respect each other.

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